Technical documentation for data portal

The Data portal

The data portal consists of two services: WordPress for content management and CKAN publishing data. Services are built in such way that the front page, news, blogs and articles are made with WordPress and URLs starting with /data/ are made with CKAN. The demo environment is available at with login to each service with its own account. WordPress login is available at and CKAN is at Access to services can be asked from the developer team.

Setting up development environment


  • Virtualbox (tested with 6.1.12)

  • Vagrant (tested with 2.2.9)

The development environment can be built on any machine that has required applications installed. Setting up development environment is done automatically when following commands are executed:

git clone
cd sixodp
git submodule update --init --recursive
npm install
npm run build
vagrant up

Setting up the environment can take half an hour.

Once ansible has installed everything inside the virtual machine, the environment is available at The default password in development environment are admin / admin in WordPress and admin / adminadmin in CKAN.

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